About us

La Taberna del Mar, Restaurant in Los Abrigos


Our history

La Taberna del Mar brings you the amazing feeling of eating, cooking, tasting and enjoying the best food, taken straight from Galicia
La Taberna del Mar was born with the aim of bringing back traditional cuisine, where using the finest ingredients is of the utmost importance
Our Chef Ana María Rosales Solla, whose successful professional career that spans for several decades, mixes Galician traditional cuisine with Canarian gastronomy to perfection
You’ll be able to enjoy the Galician gastronomical simplicity, based on top quality ingredients, perfectly blended together with traditional Canarian dishes.
Shellfish, fish, rice and meat come together in a unique menu that is unrivaled.
Our dishes will take you, through your taste buds, to the immensity of the sea, and to salty waves washing over rocks.

“To enjoy every single pleasure is not wise; to avoid them, it’s not sensitive. ¡COME AND VISIT US!”.

Calle La Marina, 22, Los Abrigos, Tenerife